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    The most important thing to remember is to take care of your candle! It will burn longer, so you can enjoy every last bit of your favorite scent.


    Your Lizzie's Lights candle comes with a pre-trimmed wick. When you get it home, it is ready to light. 

    Remember to trim the wick EVERY TIME YOU LIGHT IT! (Did you hear that?) Our wicks are made of cotton and will produce soot if you don't clip it off. You will see your candle wick smoking, and soot will fall in the wax. 

    Extinguish your candle after 4 hours. This helps extend the candle life, as well! Let it solidify, trim that wick, and relight it. If you are a serial candle burner (...you know who you are: leave your candles burning from sun-up to sun-down) then your candle won't perform to the best of its abilities. 

    Do not leave your candle burning unattended. Everyone says it, but forgetfulness happens, so train yourself to blow out your candles every 4 hours. Your candle, and local fire department thank you!

    Keep your candle away from kids and pets. Mistakes happen but hot wax and fire aren't a great combination unless contained in a candle jar.