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    This company started with a longing for an amazing product that just wasn’t around and a flicker (see what we did there?!) of hope. There had to be something better than candles that smelled awesome but turned the jar it was in and everything around it black, right?


    That flicker turned into an inextinguishable flame in the fall of 2014, when Corporate America could no longer accommodate free spirit and candle-lover, Elizabeth Gilliard. Lizzie is the head chandler and entrepreneurial genius behind Lizzie’s Lights.

    There is no machine in her candle factory that mass produces these beauties. They are hand-poured in small batches, the way they should be.

    By keeping this technique the basis of the business, Lizzie knows that each candle that leaves the candle factory is made with love.

    At Lizzie’s Lights, we use 100% American grown soy wax. The candles are not filled with additives or preservatives, only hand-poured, skillfully scented goodness. Lizzie’s Lights loves to use recycled paper

    Lizzie’s Lights loves to use recycled paper product and will even buy-back any of their own jars to promote recycling! The fragrances in Lizzie’s Lights are phthalate-free and 100% cotton-core wicks are always used.

    Lizzie believes that your candles should leave lasting scents, not lasting soot.