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    Need something to go along with your candles or meltable wax? Find them here!
    From $ 5.00

    Florida… We live where other people vacation.  Forever Florida came about in early 2022, as an homage to Lizzie’s home and favorite place. She wanted to give all the locals a candle and every tourist that saw it, a reminder of...

    From $ 5.00

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  This scent is buttercream frosting and vanilla cupcakes, with biodegradable confetti glitter, added in!  Each candle is 10oz and comes in a kraft tube. 

    From $ 25.00

    We all love candles, so much so, that we pick the same scents over and over again. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but don’t you want to find your next favorite scent too??!   HERE IS YOUR CHANCE!  You pick your...

    $ 15.00

    Lizzie’s husband says, men love candles too. (Every one knows they pretend not to…lame, right?) Sometimes blending masculine scents and feminine ones is a very fine line, but after years of practice, Lizzie did it, and it’s ready!  Earthy tobacco and smoked vanilla intertwine...